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04-13-2013, 07:58 PM
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If the parents/agents orchestrated the deal - well the agent(s) should be penalized as well. And if their parents did it, they have some gall snitching to the league about it. Interesting that their agent/parents get the benefits and only the Spits get penalized.

And furthermore if agents were involved, as we supposed to believe WR is the only GM to give the agents what they were asking? Or that the Spit drafted players parents came up with their demands all by themselves and they were not told about how player x from another team got x, y, z to sign there?

Player wants to snitch, then have the guts to own up to it publicly. Because he's throwing the rest of his teammates under the bus as they're all under the cloud of suspicion.

These players shouldn't feel comfortable coming back to alumni functions. If the Spits cheated, so did they. And they screwed over the franchise by snitching to Branch or his enforcement officer.

Branch is all about optics - screw Windsor.

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