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Originally Posted by Ottomatic View Post
One of the London fans seems pretty sure Bill Dark is one of the sources. He's now coaching in London, and just so happens London is bidding for the Memorial Cup, and probably the favorites - in large part because of the sanctions against Windsor.QUOTE]

Do you really think that's why Windsor is not favoured to host? I understand the whole got shafted in 2011 thing and expected to get it this year to make up for that, and I agree with it, but from what I have seen the biggest hurdle to Windsor winning the bid is WR, even with the sanctions against, he traded away most of the assets Windsor had to get a few players to boost his kids #'s pre-draft, the trades he made did absolutely nothing to improve next years line up for a mem cup run, I just don't see how they could go into their presentation and tell the selection commitee they're going to ice a Memorial Cup calibre team! and Saskatoon's 1st rnd exit this year didn't help any.
Absolutely I do. Because Branch and his cronies are not going to give the hosting gig to a team Branch hammered with sanctions not a year earlier.

And the sanctions hurt next years team - Sean Day would have been a big time selling piece for one. And if he wasn't seen as ready to contribute - he would have been a huge trade chip in January. Also if every American brought over wasn't now assumed to be crooked maybe others would have came over.

WR traded for Aleardi at the deadline - trading Lorentz. That's it. Koko came back not to be traded. Who else was traded? Clarke was traded for Koekkoek. Slater is back next year. Posa was traded away for a 4th. Remy Giftopoulis is back as an OA.

So the big trade made by WR was trading away Lorentz for a graduating OA. And the mission there was because he felt the Spits needed "playoff experience" as part of the sell job to the committee and Lorenz was miserable here and would have not been back as an OA regardless.

London gets the hosting gig and the league is admitting it's a farce. Period. What we were sold in 2011 was that the league wanted to use the mem Cup to try and spur interest in the GTA. Well London doesn't have any fan base or interest problems. And the hosted it 9 years ago - and the same people who awarded it to London then are sitting on the committee now, and the same people who said "Mem Cup used to build interest in the GTA" are now going to say "welp, building fan bases don't matter this time because it's London".

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