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04-13-2013, 08:34 PM
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Originally Posted by KapG View Post
What more could Bud have done in the AHL regular season and playoffs for two seasons running that would have made him deserving of a call up? Did he have to lead the league in scoring?

You keep saying in all likelihood he would have been the prime candidate for a call up if he had stayed. He should have been the prime candidate for a call up while he was playing for the monarchs yet he never was. Once again, not sure what else he had to do to be deserving of one....

We will see what happens this offseason, but I bet his decision is going to pay off for him. I think we are going to see a bunch of teams interested in signing him after the two seasons he has just had in the SEL. The first of which had him setting the SEL playoff scoring record and the second of which had him setting the all time points record for a foreign player as well as setting the SEL regular season all time assists record.
I agree with you that his decision will pay off for him. And good for him. I've said all through this thread that I think both people made the right call. It's others with an axe to grind on DL who want to insist he flubbed this one.

As for what more Bud have done, I don't really know. I'm not DL and Murray. But about the only recall that made no sense is Zeiler. But when guys like Zeiler, Mollar, and Schenn are dealt away or leave for other opportunities, it moves those guys out of your way. Not to mention, once again, no one in here that says Holloway had no chance to make the line up is acknowledging the fact that there were two spots at least to be made in camp, which were filled AFTER Bud left by the likes of Moreau and Hunter. Does anyone seriously debate that Bud would have had a good chot at those spots?

Originally Posted by Bobby Ryan Getzlaf View Post
From his perspective, how can't you see that? If four guys get recalls before you do, why do you think that'll be different going forward?

And that's the thing, there was no out of the blue, from everything I've heard. It was pretty clear they(Holloway and Moller) wanted out. DL refused, thinking he held all the power, and they bolted. And DL had his chance again to recoup on his losses, when Bud set a SEL playoff record for points, and he balked. I'm pretty sure he would've had decent enough value then.
It was totally out of the blue. This was well documented on the Kings board. Bud's agent didn't even tell DL what was going on until he had already signed a deal in the SEL.

And if you think guys like Bud have decent value in the trade market, you're wrong. Like I said, odds are the best you'd get is a late round pick, and if so, if I was DL, I'd rather hold on to him and have one-on-one negotiating rights with him.

Originally Posted by HookKing View Post
Now your posts have gone from tiresome to just plain silly.
Do you even watch the Kings or just enjoy making stuff up?

At their first Kings practice (2/10/12):

At practice today, they skated on the second line with Mike Richards.

After the first game per Sutter:

Sutter wasted no time in seeing what King could do at the NHL level.

“We threw him right into it, because you know what, we played [King and Nolan] together with Mike Richards,” Sutter noted. “We were struggling on the wing with that whole dimension part of it, getting minutes and trying to get some scoring opportunities. It really wasn’t about trust. It was saying we were going to play those young guys and see what happens.”

Later on they worked their way down because they weren't legit second liners but let there be no mistake -- they were brought up to fill holes left by Stoll and Penner.
Hey man, welcome to the conversation! Nice to see you finally brought some facts to the discussion for once.

Too bad they aren't supported at all.

Here's the game recap from the first game for Nolan and King:

King is 8th in ice time, Nolan is 9th. Trevor Lewis and Kyle Clifford had more ice time than them. Does that sound like 2nd line to you?

Practice is one thing. There was an article on here a while back about Sean Pronger's time on the first line in practice with Wayne Gretzky. Does that mean he was playing on Gretzky's line in games?

And their average ice time only dropped after that game. For Nolan, it dropped way off.

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