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04-13-2013, 08:47 PM
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Originally Posted by kingsfan View Post
It was totally out of the blue. This was well documented on the Kings board. Bud's agent didn't even tell DL what was going on until he had already signed a deal in the SEL.

And if you think guys like Bud have decent value in the trade market, you're wrong. Like I said, odds are the best you'd get is a late round pick, and if so, if I was DL, I'd rather hold on to him and have one-on-one negotiating rights with him.
They might not have told DL beforehand, but DL could have seen it coming. He knew Holloway's camp was unhappy, he knew they wanted either a one-way deal or a trade to a team that would give him a shot. DL's anger over the situation came from thinking he had all the cards and Bud refusing to do what he wanted.

And we'll never know what his value was. I know there was league interest last summer, but DL refused to deal and signing an offer sheet before you've ever played an NHL game would be a PR disaster. Maybe the return wouldn't have been much, maybe it would've been decent, but in this case there's nothing to gain by losing him for nothing, which is by far the most likely scenario. Based on how last summer went, the bridge is pretty much burnt to a crisp.

Hey man, welcome to the conversation! Nice to see you finally brought some facts to the discussion for once.

Too bad they aren't supported at all.

Here's the game recap from the first game for Nolan and King:

King is 8th in ice time, Nolan is 9th. Trevor Lewis and Kyle Clifford had more ice time than them. Does that sound like 2nd line to you?

Practice is one thing. There was an article on here a while back about Sean Pronger's time on the first line in practice with Wayne Gretzky. Does that mean he was playing on Gretzky's line in games?

And their average ice time only dropped after that game. For Nolan, it dropped way off.

Wasn't true for Nolan, but was 100% true for King. He might not have played a ton, but when he did, it was typically with Carter and Richards.

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