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04-13-2013, 08:49 PM
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Originally Posted by uncleben85 View Post
Haha you proved nothing

Nor did I deny anything.

When you called me a Leafs fan, and I questioned where you pulled that from, my point was it should not matter what my allegiance is, we should not be cheering for guys to get injured. Let's be more civilized than that.
It's the same reason I'm still not stating a definite allegiance (it wouldn't take long from stalking my post history to figure it out, but I'll give you a hint, Montreal may not be my number one, but they are certainly up there), it doesn't matter who I cheer for when we're talking about player safety and health.

I wasn't defending anyone either, I was just saying we shouldn't be clamouring to get players injured. I also mentioned I hope Prust is okay. Gonna ignore that?
I think you made a good point. Nobody should wish injury on another player. There are some morons on the Leafs and Bruins boards who've done just that and - to their credit - some smarter fans called them out. From what I've seen, we're a little less ugly on this board. Not innocent, just slightly less guilty.

Our 'thing' here is drama. We take this stuff too seriously sometimes. I doubt the comments to you were meant personally. If they were, they shouldn't be. People are just upset after a stupid loss.

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