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Originally Posted by SnuggaRUDE View Post
Then you're back to what decisions did he make that were bad?

I can think of 5 that were bad:

1). The Peca Situation. If Regier was responsible for this he should be gone
2). Hasek. Same as #1
3/4). Drury and Breire. I'm willing to give him a pass on this, as the owner made him slit his own throat
5). Matching Vanek OS. Same as above, but damn do I wish they saw how 3 and 4 were incompatible.

6). If Regier made the decision to cut the Scouting department and switch to video scouting. (rescinded in the TP era)
The rest of his sticky spots I agree with his solutions.

Whoever is GM they have a huge problem with how to resolve the impending UFA of Vanek and Miller. I'm scared that if TP brings in a new GM they will need to instantly justify their existence and turn this into a #7 or #8 hockey club; handcuffing the Sabres for a decade.
1. This was a front office decision. Someone played hardball and I doubt Darcy was the final call.
2. Hasek.. I hated the return. Hasek wanted to leave a sinking ship and he had the upper hand. The return was Kozlov and Paille(minus a 2nd)...this stunk.
3. Briere wanted to stay. He told me and I believed him. His kids were with mine, but for some reason the Williamsville School district (according to Danny) placed his kids into a program for children with English as a 2nd language. He and Sylvie sent the kids to private school as a result. Larry Quinn wanted Drury and Danny was left hanging. I would have taken the Flyers offer every day of the week as well.
5. All of the above forced the Sabres hands. I agreed at the time.. they had to re-sign Vanek after losing Drury/Briere. My preference would have been keeping Briere and grabbing EDM's 4 1sts.
6. You have no idea what you are talking about. This was not a negative.
7. For those of you that dislike Darcy's drafting, look at his misses and then look at the next 10 picks.... do you recognize any of them?

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