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04-13-2013, 10:49 PM
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Originally Posted by LarmerSavardSecord View Post
That's right, and that's my point - he did give up real money to stay. But he got the standard deal: ~$600k/yr less cash for NMC (though now standard for top players), security if he's hurt before the deal kicks in, stability and continuity in his personal and professional life, play for a great team etc. It's a perfectly fair tradeoff for both sides. It's great to get a steal but it's not smart to low-ball proven people.

I do have a problem understanding the guys that simply go to the highest bidder. I'm not saying they are wrong - they have their own motivations in life - but that sensibility is a mystery to me (and I worked on Wall Street for 12 years)
I agree with this, the mercenaries are a different breed and it does seem to resonate with quite a few people who aren't from North America originally and that's not an insult to them at all, completely understandable. Security of home, remaining with similar faces, feeling wanted and sponsorships would rank pretty high to me if I was in their position. So much can go wrong when you jump ship.

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