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Originally Posted by eva unit zero View Post
Where do you rank him, on an all-time players list? How about a top centers list? Just ballpark it. Among the guys who slot into "his era" (Fedorov, Forsberg, Lindros, Modano, Sakic, Sundin, Nieuwendyk) he's definitely top-three. If we expand it and include players fro the 80s who he played a significant amount against (Lemieux, Gretzky, Yzerman, Messier, Stastny, Hawerchuk, etc.) He's still a top seven or eight. And I've now covered basically 20% of hockey history, much of which doesn't have many players; based on number of teams and total years, it includes about 1/3 of all seasons for first-line centers. Which means Fedorov "should" be within the top 20-25 centers of all-time, right? Generally, wingers and defensemen usually are ranked about in equal numbers with centers. Usually you only see a handful of goalies; maybe one for every 11-12 skaters. So If Fedorov is the #20 center, that logically puts him somewhere between #20 and #60 all-time as a player. Closer to the latter, of course
There were alot of great centers over that time so I decided to look them up.

Here are the top scoring centers from 80-04 playoffs

Most people would take Wayne, Messier, Sakic, Mario, Yzerman in a flash over Federov. Many would take Trotts and maybe even Forsberg and Francis. but after that it becomes really hard for anyone to pass Federov on career value IMO.

It would be surprising to see many have Federov below 25-30 on the all times Centers list when we do that project and some might have him in the 15-20 range with a decent argument too.

Espositio and Clarke are going to be higher on most lists but really if all things are equal which player would you want to build a team around over their careers? A strong case can be made for Federov IMO.

Espositio is one over rated guy as is Clarke, due to his 3 Harts, IMO.

The "Fedorov=Brind'Amour" arguments that people make are nonsensical. Yes, Brind'Amour won the Selke late in his career. But he was only twice given credit for it in his prime; in his peak season (1993-94, when he got a mere handful of votes) and 1997-98 (another handful). He never had a significant finish until his wins, which literally came out of nowhere and IMHO were "he's been decent defensively for a while and deserves to win something in his career" awards. Kind of like Ted Kennedy's Hart trophy.
Anyone trying to say that Brind'Amour=Federov, in any sense of the terms equal really needs to give their head a shake, totally agree with you here.

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