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04-13-2013, 11:03 PM
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Originally Posted by UsernameWasTaken View Post
i doubt they buy hossa out. and bear in mind that the cap is going to start going up again fairly soon which will lessen the impact of his cap hit.

hossa strikes me as one of those players who will remain effective until he decides to retire. he also plays the type of game where, if it gets to the point where he can't play top-6, he could definitely play on the 3rd line...but, still...he could also have a lot of staying power in the top 6 for a while longer.

a big benefit to hossa is he does pretty much everything well.

as far as sharp goes, i hope he picks things up next year. he's far more "one note" than hossa is and has a habit of "disappearing" in a way that hossa doesn't.
I suggested the regular buyout because I thought it might save money from Hossa's recapture penalty. Since it won't (if Hossa retires in 2017) then there is no reason to.

I will say that if Hossa decides he wants to play past the 2016-17 season it would make more sense to buy him out after the 2016-17 season rather than face the recapture penalty. This is due to how the recapture penalty is currently calculated. Edit: Or the other option is to let Hossa play the extra years then buy him out rather than face recapture penalty.

My guess is that Hossa retires once his contract is reduced to 1 million and the Hawks are stuck with his 4.6 million recapture for four years. Hopefully that amount is only about 6% or less of the total cap.

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