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04-13-2013, 11:15 PM
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Originally Posted by camwise View Post
you're not on very often anymore, you've missed the last 10 games we have had against each other. There are a lot of beefs with you and other players in the league, you ignore game requests and have been kicked out of multiple leagues for shady play. Like I said, I didnt mean any offense to my statement, it's just my opinion on things. I would hate for people to have to chase you down to run sims, games, etc. It could inevitably cause a lot of our more active GMs to walk away, and I would hate to see the league die out like that.

I don't ignore games requests. I actually do most the inviting.

I have no beefs with anybody but your girlfriend.(you know who he is!)

I haven't been kicked from multiple leagues. Just 1 because I refused to bend over for the commishes BFF.

No offense but your whole post is bull ****.

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