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04-14-2013, 01:51 AM
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Why not trade Koko if you want to make a run at the cup? Why pick up an OA as a boost to your team, if you want to impress the commitee, showing your playoff experience of 4 games isn't going to help, whats going to help is using Koko to get a few more sconds to add to the 3 spares you already have, 6 second round picks is pretty damn good trade bait for some of next years top pleyers, assemble a team for next year to play around the prodical son (Kirby), that impresses them, not some decent OA's and 1 scoring line.
Trading Koko would have started a domino effect. The only way you deal Koko is if you weren't going to make noise this year and knew you were going full-out rebuild. Once Koko stayed, they built up in hopes for a long playoff-run. Injuries kind of halted that.

Tigers is right. You guys really see conspiracies everywhere.
When you have a Memorial Cup essentially bought instead of earned, and you have a major scandal that includes losing picks and cash, but no details as to who did what or when, you're going to have people who look at things sideways.

maybe they didn't award the mem cup to windsor because they have no chance of winning it by themselves - whereas the Knights, say for example, do.
Nobody has won anything yet. Plus, who are any of us to say 100% that Windsor has "no chance" of winning it next year?

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