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04-14-2013, 05:44 AM
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Originally Posted by AP View Post
It's a private enterprise operating out of a building owned by Maricopa County. Still, this is something I would like to see challenged in the courts and hopefully a judge will set a presadent here saying an establishment can't do such a thing if someone paid for admission into the place.
The DBacks/SMG are the lessee, they can do as they please so long as it is within the law. They 'own' the property for the duration of the lease for these sorts of purposes. I'm not sure what you want to see challenged. There's no reasonable way to allow opposing jerseys yet still ban all of the aforementioned bad things. At the end of the day, that's not something you can realistically foist upon a private business.

Originally Posted by AP View Post
I have no problem with such a thing and the truth is wearing the opposing teams jersey is not offensive or causing trouble.
Right, but you can't make that sort of distinction in the law. Too much grey area, as a result. Free speech doesn't apply on private property/businesses the way you think it does.

Originally Posted by AP View Post
Also, if it's about protcting their image wouldn't it make sense as far as consistancy goes to at least ban anyone from wearing the opposing teams jersey no matter where they sit? Especially in a market like there where it is known at times to have the visiting fans outnumber the fans of the home team? At times where the visiting fans often cheer for their team louder than those of the home team?
You're making a mountain out of a mole hill. There's probably two places in the entire ballpark where Kendrick cares about opposing fans being; right behind the box, and the pool. This out of all the thousands of seats, where opposing fans are free to cheer on their team. That they choose to not enforce this same rule there versus a dozen or so very, very visible seats is not comparable.

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