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04-14-2013, 07:55 AM
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Originally Posted by onice View Post
Criticizing Price makes one a hater but making up stuff about him to cover up his mediocre play this year apparently doesn't make one a mindless fanboy.

THIS YEAR Price has had a mediocre year. Go look at the effing stats. Have a little peek-a-boo at where he stands in relation to other goalies in the NHL. Trust me those stats don't point to an elite goalie.

Most games this year he has played so-so with a few stinkers thrown in and a few games he played exceptionally yet still managed to lose concentration for a lousy goal here and there.

Some of you guys wanna blame Gionta or Bouillon or DD or Moen but the team in front of him played well. Price let in 3 effing goals on 4 shots! An argument can be made that the first goal was a difficult shot. If Price is playing like an elite goaltender he should have stopped it but I'll give it to you. So he let in 2 bananas on 3 shots.

Within the first 10 minutes he's pulled out of the game. Yeah it happens to alot of elite goaltenders but that wasn't the first game this year that Price has looked bad. It was just the game he has looked the worst.

I wouldn't mixed up the lines too much. Going into the playoffs I would worry about our goal tending situation. On a team that is 4th overall in the league Price has stats that "Red Light" Racicot would be ashamed to lay claim to. That tells me the team up front is playing well and we better get our goaltender straightened out if we want to make any noise in the playoffs.
Good post. CP is not an elite goalie and he will disappoint. He is no Roy or Dryden. He is average, which is not good enough to carry our smurfs in the playoffs

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