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04-14-2013, 07:07 AM
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Originally Posted by Trxjw View Post
I didn't know Bern was a Edmonton fan.


Yeah, Bernmeister was ahead of the curve on variations of getting a top F from Edmonton for one/some of our D, got chastised, while we now see, without any provocation, proposals of our D to EO for Fs which are arguably less viable (Hall for MDZ, e.g.); ... he was ahead of the curve on Richards being bought out, yet pilloried, only to be proven correct as a unanimous consensus;... Bern was right about JT Miller being good enough to play now (not saying he doesn't benefit from more AHL minutes, just saying he could play here if warranted); said Kreider likewise would show something special, which he did in last year's playoffs before being ruined to date by Torts; said one of Staal/Girardi would have to go, simply because of the cap, and we should make the best deal we can, and as long as we are doing that, for the love of God, could we please get more offense; said Torts' system = fail, which was proven by last year's playoffs.

Alright, I plead guilty to Tysen Dowzak ... thought with a possible NHL career, he'd learn to skate...

Yet ... so many posters are all : despite the above.

Could it be ... bernmeister has been horribly misjudged as is probably correct more often than he is wrong?

Not to Trxjw, with whom I agree more often than not, but to those of my critics -- you know who you are -- especially those who choose to be haters who are gonna hate, my reply is

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