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Originally Posted by Imlach a cup View Post
What's special is when someone makes a stupid and facile argument then gets called out for it and thinks the other person is defending Darcy. Your point was poorly articulated, poorly supported and detracts from the position of informed Darcy haters. Either do it right or leave it to people who do. Roster composition and his beloved head coach are were Darcy falls short. He makes excellent trades and is innovative an effective in the draft. Due to the financials of a bankrupt organization he was unable to hold 2 stanely cup capable rosters together. And you say you don't care why happened 7 years ago then open up with 2 incidents that happened 14 years ago and followed it up with 2 incidents from 5 years ago.
I don't need much to support Moving on from Darcy. The long view... He's never won anything. The short view.... We've gotten worse over the last 3 years.

That's it. In professional sports that more than just cause to fire a front office.

Specific to your post... Regiers major shortcomings are roster composition and coach selection? That is his entire job in a nutshell. If a GM is ba at building a roster and picking a coach he's a bad GM. He might be a good trader and a good drafter(debatable) but that doesn't make you a good GM.

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