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04-14-2013, 07:46 AM
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Shea Webber's contract runs thru 2026, so for that reason alone, the following is probably not a good idea. However, that not withstanding, the following is interesting.

Webber is a 7.8m+ to 2026. Preds have space. Don't want that big a salary (they didn't offer, they had to match that #).

Weber to NY at 5m per cap max. Preds eat the balance every year, balance of contract. Ranger commitment to SW is 5m max.

To enable this Rangers will offer a CONDITIONAL pick, typically a 4th, FOR EACH AND EVERY YEAR of the balance of the SW contract, which each pick is conditional on
a) SW is available to play enough minutes in a season.
b) SW reaches certain high yet reasonable performance targets of excellence
If he has a career year, wins Norris, pick that (following) year increases 4th to third or second; if he has subpar year, pick diminishes to 5th or 6th; if he is injured or otherwise DNP, then there is no pick.
c) Rangers must honor this part of the deal whether they keep or trade SW for 6 years; however, after 6 years, this part of the deal is only in force if SW is retained by NYR. If Rangers trade SW after 6 years, this provision is cancelled.

We also get Preds 2013 1st.

In exchange for all that, NY coughs up Staal, Girardi + Stepan.

Pros: we avoid SW playing for a competitor and having that shot from the point do damage; acquire an all star D; net of paying SW a max of 5m per season actually is less cap than Staal, Girardi + Stepan, who will require increases; obtain a high 2013 pick; improve chances to entice Malkin.

We get use out of Richards this year, amnesty buy out, and we really have a better team to offer Malkin if he's looking in 2014, and the above clever juggling, + Richards #s will be downpayment on Malkin --- if he wants to come here.

Roster issues:
temporary C depth:
Richards, Broussard, Miller, Boyle. Boyle moved for potential or upgrade replaced w/cheaper like Haley or Lindberg,
Kreider could be an emergency C until guys like Nieves get here. Or, who knows, he's played the position and might take to it like a fish to water.

new D:
MDZ Stralman
Gilroy McIlrath
Boyle to Hawks, gets Olsen +, add, maybe gets Clendenning + Olsen

This one was for fun, unfortunately with that 2026 commitment of a baker's dozen 13 years; but if there is some work around, no penalty later club option buyout for cheap anytime after 9-10 seasons, then, like I say this would be interesting.

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