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This a post I wrote on the main board:

I'm one of the biggest critics of Lundqvist on the Rangers board. However, greatness is really defined by consistency. The Sidney Crosbys of the world bring it every damn year. Lundqvist is in that realm. For a good portion of the year people were wondering what was up with Lundqvist. I know we have a few more games left, but then you look at his stats and he's having yet another dominant season. His worst season in the NHL would be the best of most GOOD goalies. I still hate how he just HAS to have a month a season when an imposter wears his jersey. Knowing how good he is that's disappointing, but there's no denying that Lundqvist is a great player. Anyone can have a season or two of great play but consistent dominance is incredibly rare.

Edit: Not to pick on a great goalie, but for some reference. A guy that is widely considered a top 5 goalie in the league, Carey Price in 6 seasons has 2 seasons where he has a higher save percentage than Lundqvist's WORST season. If that's not dominance I don't know what is.

Edit 2: I was wrong, Lundqvist's worst save % was .912. His second worst is .916, not too far off. That's what I was comparing to Price. Still the point remains.

Edit 3: Lundqvist's save % CAREER AVERAGE is .920 (sick btw). Price only beats that in one SINGLE YEAR with a .923. More stats brought to you by Snowblind.

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