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Originally Posted by wearegodawful View Post
Regier's never had this much power or freedom to throw thamuch money around (Suter and Parise offers). None of Buffalo's past owners have ever said, "Build me a winner no matter the cost". We don't have cheap and tyrannical owners anymore. I like Darcy's effort to get into bidding wars for proven commodities, and I think he's acquired some top quality pieces this season. It seems as though this is only the beginning of a slew of dramatic change.

I don't honestly feel that Regier's ever had the chance to build what he firmly believes is a winner.
How come we were one of top spending teams in the past three seasons? Darcy now has nobody to tie his spending down and he has shown in the two offseasons to use this power and he has underwhelmingly been using it on taking away skill without replacing it in letting Roy go for Ott. I like the move, but the fact he did nothing to address the skill that he let go. Instead of giving himself a security blanket if Grigorenko didn't work out is something other successful gm's do. That is why the more successful teams can slowly bring their kids up when they're ready. In fact his inability to fill necessary holes when he traded Robyn, Jordan and Jason. He didn't bring any roster players back even if it was a guy that would play a dozen games. Sure he was building for the future, but he put himself in a position where if there was an jury on the backend he would be rushing a player that wasnt ready for action on the big club.

It seems he really doesn't have a pulse on his team. The fact this team has imploded on itself has been happening since Timmy was on the team. These players stopped playing for ruff a while ago. Instead of getting rid of one or two players he should've found out the real issue and cut it out from the beginning. Darcy has been a reactionary GM. If the issue was the coach then he should've fixed it instead of letting it lingering for multiple seasons. The league was turning into a bigger and faster league since the hurricanes won the cup. Darcy, as usual was 5 years too late and has only recently been trying to make us to fit the playing style.

I personally don't care about the wins when talking about the GM, because for years this team has been having the same problems. I don't feel comfortable giving him any more seasons. The type of GM he is is the reason why I don't want him. His inability to spend his "unlimited money" wisely, his inability to frees issues with the team, and his too loyal to his players to a fault is what his tenure has been up to this point, and 16 years of this regardless of how many years terry has been at the helm, should pretty much should show he's not going to change. Darcy has always had one of the smaller quicker teams even when the evidence of bigger more mobile players are the way to go.

I have not seen ANYTHING that has changed my opinion that they should retain him or that he really is changing in how he handles business.

Underneath it all, I think it boils down to two things people are afraid that buffalo might find a GM that is worse than Darcy and don't want to take the risk, or some people are sick of seeing the same product. Every night and Darcy is the common denominator.

As much as I hear people say give Darcy a chance I would like to think that maybe we should give Ted and Terry the chance to bring in their own Gm. Outside the product on the ice, they have done nothing but good. Lets give them a chance to put their finger print on this team. I truly don't think they have done this, with fans still bringing up past failures of previous ownerships and the only the person tied to all of them is Darcy.

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