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04-14-2013, 09:30 AM
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Originally Posted by Smash View Post
What I'm saying is its a popular theme on this forum for fans of losing team to gloat about out-playing a team even if they lose. Most of the time its just angry little kids frantically searching for some salvage from the loss to cling to but sometimes people actually are under the impression that its good to lose to a team that didn't play well, I am having trouble understanding the logic behind that.
Because to me tonight was an awesome game, the Rangers played far from their best and beat a team that was playing arguably there best hockey. So I don't understand why any fan of the isles would be happy about that, when they kind of got embarrassed by losing to a Ranger team playing badly, even to there own admission.
As an Islander fan I think I can answer but first.....

The Rangers won and that is the bottom line so congrats (I am glad that the Islanders came away with a point because after all that is really what it is all about getting points)

We Islander fans have been in some pretty dark times for a looooong time. Its reported the team loses money hand over fist because of a bad lease deal signed decades ago.

Now, as if a switch was pulled, the team has clicked. They are far form the most talented team but they no longer play as if they are in hockey hell and embarrassed to wear the sweater. This last month nobody has outplayed them not even close.

We are finally getting out of the Mausoleum and most hockey experts agree the farm system looks good.

We know there will be no Stanley Cup this year, maybe not even the playoffs, but things have been so bad for so long its easy to embrace the light at the end of the tunnel.

If last night proved anything its that hockey is much better off when both the Rangers and Islanders are good teams.

Good luck the rest of the way.

You got one hell of a goaltender.

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