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Originally Posted by Carey Cost View Post
Honestly? Get Halak back... I know the stats are not there this year but he got injured 2 times...

Sry mods I don't want to brg THAT subject back... but really Halak is expandable in St-Louis and has proven that he can do great things when its time plus last year and the year before and the year before that he was stats wise better than Price.

I know I will admit it I'm still ******** over that trade but stats wise Halak wouldn't be a bad choice plus we could get him for cheap.
Round 2? or maybe the comeback of Steve Penney

Originally Posted by macavoy View Post
We sold when Halak was high but we didn't get the return we should have. We got a mid 1st rounder with 2nd line potential for a hot goalie who was #1 starter material.

Look at what Colorado paid. We got hosed on that deal. Halak should have gotten us more.
Common, this situation put out of context are legit but you need to remember the number of goalies available, UFA, the summer of the trade : Nabokov, Turco, Theodore, C. Mason, Biron, Lalime, Ellis, Hedberg, Auld, etc... and Halak get trade at the beginning of the month of June; the 17th I think, 2 weeks before UFA frenzy.

The goalie market for this year, 2010 summer, are close to abyssymal and the return for Halak, Eller, 27th prospect by the NHL at the time, and Schultz are very good in that context; former 1st and 3rd round. And remember the trade piss off Kerkalainen, scout chef of the Blues, and close time after that, he go back in Europe; before comeback with Columbus for DG.

Colorado receive a 1st round pick and a 2nd round pick for Varlamov, 23 years old at the time and ex-1st round pick. The difference between the two trade the habs trade for 2 drafted players and by the same time they know what they receive in the trade. When you pick a drafted players you reduce the chance to drafted a bust player. Yeah, I know Schultz is a bust but you have a very better percentage to skip a bust/flop player with this strategy. The 1st pick of Colorado are give Filip Forsberg too Washington, very nice pick, but you never know if your gonna pick Hugh Jessiman or Claude Giroux with a undrafted picks.

Originally Posted by Traitor8 View Post
To people who say Price is elite ...well Brunet agrees with you!
I don't know on what planet do you live but I think the people they are pay for playing hockey and administrate hockey team know more about the game than you and Benoit Brunet. Go watch this :

And I know you have more hockey knowledge than this guy because you are the reference and the guy they voted, only 318 members of the NHL, don't know how playing hockey, evaluate goalie or are simply Price friends ... Only in Montreal ...

Originally Posted by TennisMenace View Post
9 games this year Habs goalies have let in 5 or more goals. How many of those 9 games did CP start?

Brw, 9 out of 41 total games is wayyyyyyy to much.
Each player have good and bad streak. Price have an off year and have some problem of consistency this year; is a M-A Fleury clone this year aka Dr Jekyll, Mr Hyde you never know what man will be between the pipes. But in 2010-11 they put a streak of nineteen game without giving more than 3 goals. What I trying to tell it's for each bad streak/numbers you can find a good one.

Price have the same kind of year at Even Strength then normally, .925% in 2012-13, .918% in 2011-12 and .931% in 2010-11, but he is awful in special unit aka PP, .828% in 2012-13, .907% in 2011-12 and .886% in 2010-11. I really don't like the numbers but if I have to make a choice I prefer to pick the guys who stop the puck at Even Strength before special units; in a ideal word I pick the guy who save both; Budaj have .918% ES and .927% PP but I didn't think to pull out Price for Budaj because the numbers don't tell everything...

PS: And yeah, Price got a really awful game last night but is better now than in 3 weeks ..

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