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2013 NHL Entry Draft Thread | "Don't Be A Moran, Draft Monahan"

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Originally Posted by Soundwave View Post
In terms of a speedy rebuild, some how landing MacKinnon and then dealing Gagner for a top 4 d-man who can play right away probably would be the best scenario for us, but I don't know if that'll happen.

As good as Jones is, and Nurse/Zadarov might be, they're probably a few years out from controlling the game.

Remember how Adam Larsson was supposed to be a NHL impact d-man like right away? Well this is his second year and he's still coming along slowly. Defense just takes a while to really pick up at the NHL level.
Originally Posted by rockinghockey View Post
I think a player like Barkov is what we need, this kid is only 17 he turns 18 in Sept. We need some size on this team and we have to get some grit and size on this team.
PRV is improving but he will never be a grinder in the corner. He stands in front of the net but he doesn't get in the goalies face.
Gagner he has skill but we need size and someone who doesnt lose the puck in the corners.
Hemsky no room for him in the top 6 and not the type of player for the bottom 6.
Originally Posted by jukon View Post
Yeah Zadarov and Nurse may have good potential but they are 2-4 years away. Jones is the only Dman that you can expect to make an immediate impact.
Originally Posted by Joey Moss View Post
I just saw something in a Mock Draft mentioning Barkov was injured during the playoffs and had shoulder surgery.. his rehab was expected to be 5 months. Might scare some teams off.
Originally Posted by Baggers View Post
If the team lands MacKinnon, I'd rather have them keep Gagner, get rid of Hemsky and break MacKinnon in on the wing.

Getting even more inexperienced at the 2nd line C spot isn't the answer. Hemsky's 'veteran leadership' doesn't count because he doesn't seem to have any leadership ability whatsoever.
Originally Posted by Baggers View Post
Even Jones I think will take 1-2 years (Pietrangelo style).
Originally Posted by rockinghockey View Post
Pietro took 3 yrs before he came up I do believe.
Originally Posted by oilsp1ll View Post
We get a pretty heavy WHL lean and slant over here so thought I'd chime in with some other prospects after the first round that sound intriguing from some other research I've done:

D Tommy Vannelli - Toolsy and smooth defender from Minnesota high school that has lots of filling out to do, noted for a eye-popping outlet pass and PP QB abilities. Could take a Petry like development in the US system. Supposed to go to University of Minnesota. Might be one of my favorite prospects I've heard about from on paper without actually seeing him play.
D Maxime Gravel - smooth skating, high offensive IQ d-man with a bit of a mean streak in him. Could be appealing after round 3.
F Marc-Olivier Roy - Slick hard-working forward with terrific stickhandling skills, IQ, and elusiveness, competitive but slight in size. Is lighting it up in the playoffs right now in the Q. Only his second year in the league as an 18-year-old but the skills are really intriguing to me here.
F Vincent Dunn - intense, physical, agitator type who crashes the net playing for Val D'Or in the Q. Size is his minus at 5'11". Put up good points with 52 points in 53 games but got suspended for a racial slur against a native opponent earlier this year. Teams tend to fall in love with these types of players, could see him going as early as the 2nd because of his competitiveness.
F Emile Poirier - This guy could be the Brandon Saad of this draft from the sounds of Q watchers, late birthday (Saad was too), but I'd keep my eye on him. Very skilled with some skating concerns but people are all over his clutchness and skills. His forechecking, intelligence and 2-way game seem to be raved about. Plays in Gatineau right across from Ottawa and played Halifax in playoffs, this guy is known by all scouts by now might be an early 2nd at this point.
Originally Posted by notloilersfan View Post
He came up on his 3rd year. In both of his first two years he stayed on the team before his 10th game would kick in. In the second year, they didn't return him until the World Juniors. He sat in the press box often, and trained with the team.
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