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04-14-2013, 10:57 AM
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Originally Posted by Patofqc View Post
His actions suggest it is though... His he the one buying the future NHL team?
I think you are confusing what you want deep down with what his actions actually suggest. Now - if the NHL was an afterthought would he:

- Talk about bringing Key Arena up to NHL standards?
- Build an $80MM carrot into the deal with the city/county if his group can acquire an NHL team for the new building?
- Send out specific messages via his site thanking NHL fans for support?

I get that QC wants to downplay Seattle since it takes away what they perceive as main competition for a team but try to show at least some objectivity and understanding of what is going on.

And the "well, where is the owner"? Line needs to die. Its been reported Hansen has a group he has been working with (Levin specifically mentioned it) and just because the group isn't screaming from the rooftops their interest doesn't mean its there. Which way does the NHL prefer, anyway? Did anyone know who Hansen was before he went public ... and how much groundwork had already been done when it did go public? ... over 6 months,

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