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04-14-2013, 11:00 AM
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I was at the game last night and watched Hartzell pretty closely. It's a shame to see him walk out with 3 goals against because it was a fantastic effort that is marred by two low-probability goals. I'll comment on each:

Goal 1. Hartzell could get some partial blame here because he gained possession of the puck behind the net but pushed it too far and it ultimately ended up on the tape of the Yale defender for an open shot. The initial trajectory of the puck was towards Hartzell's left pad and as he began positioning for the save (and subsequently directing the rebound toward the boards), but the puck was deflected and slipped through a very small 5-hole opening. Lundqvist gave up a very similar goal against the Pens earlier this season.

Goal 2. This one is painful to watch from a technical perspective. Hartzell did everything correct on this sequence and the puck found a very improbable route to the goal. I watched the replay several times and my best guess is that it deflected off of his stick and then somehow found the space between his leg pads, pants and blocker. You could replay this sequence 100 times and I'd be surprised if the puck went in even 1 time. Additionally, you could tell by Hartzell's reaction that he was completely at a loss for how the puck went in (also unusual to see).

Goal 3. He just got beat. I'm sure it was hard to shake to the first two goals since they each took a low probability route into the net. His stick positioning could have been better.

Anyway, what I like about him is how well he moves around the net (relative to his size). He was good at staying upright (I'm referring to the position of his back while in the butterfly) and repositioned himself quite well after the initial shot. Lastly, I saw him in the basement warming up by juggling tennis balls with his hands and also kicking them back up to him with his feet. Pretty well coordinated individual. I'd definitely be interested in seeing what he could do at the AHL level. I'd be surprised if the Pens tried to sign him since they have already passed on goalies who I think are much better than Hartzell (Houser, Makarov).

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