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Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
Just for clarification, he had those two 60 goal seasons in Vancouver and then a 58 and 59 goal year in Florida. Viktor Kozlov was his center, although he missed a lot of time in the one year.

I don't know if Stamkos will ever be considered as good of a goal scorer as Bure. We do know that Bure led the NHL in goals three times. Stamkos has done it twice so far, and as it stands has lost his grip to Ovechkin this year. So to lead the NHL in goals three times is incredible. If it stands the way it is now, Ovechkin will have his third title before Stamkos.

But as good as Stamkos is does he have the same explosiveness as Bure? Sometimes Bure looked like he was being shot out of a cannon. Stamkos is fast but doesn't stick handle the way Bure did. In many ways he looks like Brett Hull out there with his quick and hard shot and ability to get into the open area. Being a great goal scorer isn't all about stats, but also just how dangerous you are out there. It would be hard to imagine Stamkos instilling fear into goalies the way Bure did.
The Stamkos to Hull comparison is unfair. Stamkos may not be Bure but hes above average fast in the league and can dangle pretty well. The only comparison is that Stamkos probably has the best one timer in the NHL and so did Hull.

I dont think being explosive plays into this at all really. Stamkos scores goals every way imaginable. His big shot, he'll dangle, he'll put in a few garbage ones. When youre scoring 60 goals in a season it doesnt matter if the other guy was more explosive, youre obviously doing something that is going to scare a goalie out there

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