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04-14-2013, 11:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Smash View Post
What I'm saying is its a popular theme on this forum for fans of losing team to gloat about out-playing a team even if they lose. Most of the time its just angry little kids frantically searching for some salvage from the loss to cling to but sometimes people actually are under the impression that its good to lose to a team that didn't play well, I am having trouble understanding the logic behind that.
Because to me tonight was an awesome game, the Rangers played far from their best and beat a team that was playing arguably there best hockey. So I don't understand why any fan of the isles would be happy about that, when they kind of got embarrassed by losing to a Ranger team playing badly, even to there own admission.
As a fan you're not 'clinging' to anything. You're purely making an examination of the events that transpired during the game. It's good for Islander fans to see the team compete as hard as they did, and do as well as they did in all areas other than scoring, even in a losing effort. I wouldn't have made any claim during the first 3 meetings that the Isles were playing better hockey, but something has changed with this team (I think it's a number of things) and they, and the fans, should be encouraged by what they've seen.

Lundqvist is great, losing to him happens to a lot of teams, it's not 'embarrassing' to lose to one of the best goalies in the world.

Originally Posted by SFW View Post
Quit being intentionally obtuse. Seriously, not that hard to connect the dots.

The *only* reason the Islanders didn't torch the Rangers tonight was because the Rangers are lucky enough to be blessed with the greatest goaltender in the world. That's it. The Islanders dominated in every other facet of the game. Relying on your goaltender to bail you out every night will inevitably fail. See: 2007-08, 2008-09, 2009-10, 2010-11. And yes, the Rangers are in a 'playoff position'. Barely, and as the 8-seed. That's the definition of a bubble-team.

Teams like the Islanders who don't sit back and hope their goaltender makes acrobatic save after save tend to fare much better.

Stop looking at the team as a fan and try to analyze them objectively. You'll come to the same conclusion.
I've really enjoyed reading your posts. Very level headed and reasonable.

Originally Posted by mike14 View Post
Not being obtuse at all. yeah, the Rangers are lucky to have Lundy, the isles are lucky to have tavares, our guy won out on the day. Hockey, like most team sports is simple, score more than the opposition, that's what the rangers did today, and in 3 of the 4 meetings between the 2 teams. Will the rangers win the cup this season? I highly doubt it, but I had us down as a 6-8 seed team who would be out by the 2nd round so it doesn't worry me.

I'd much rather look at the game as a fan and get sense of enjoyment than over-analyze things and be be a sad-sack, but to each their own. Enjoy your night
If you can't analyze, you don't have a basis for any argument other than standings. Winning the game is only part of having a winning team.

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