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04-14-2013, 11:16 AM
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Originally Posted by Petro Points View Post
Or maybe FLA wins the lotto and trades Jones to us for Hall...
OEL and Pie are as valuable if not more to their team than Hall is to us..
From a hockey perspective yes but from a business perspective Jones is huge. He is Popeyes son, an American, and well spoken kid. He will sell tickets in the US. That is huge.

Yeah we would have to send something else with Jones but we need an experienced #1 dman with our team makeup.

You guys may laugh at the ideas but Saving money for some teams is huge. PHX is bleeding cash. The NHL hasn't given them unlimited budget to run team. So would they be interested in saving almost $10 million (potentially) for the next couple yrs? I would have to think so. Are they downgrading so much for OEL to Jones? IMO no....

For others managing the cap is important because they get to ice a stronger lineup with the cap savings ELC provide

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