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Originally Posted by takanoyama View Post
I am "JAGRLOVER" from Kladno (you can read my first post about following all his career), but I donīt want him to play 21 min./game in Boston. He is great and he still dominates on the ice, but such TOI means that the team is weak without him. I thought he joined one of the best teams in the league after leaving Dallas and I was very surprised to read about poor play especially by Horton, Lucic here. I remembered the team winning SC and I thought this was the same. I watched the game vs. OTT (3:2) and I was enthused by the first period (shots 20:17, a lot of skills, millions passes - after seeing struggle of the players from Dallas, who coulnīt give good pass). This team was the right for Jagr I said. I expected some problems in first games and TOI 15 - 17 min. but I thought Bruins would be OK. It looks, that Jagr is OK but the team is not so strong. I was very surprised.
JAGR CAME TO HELP NOT TO SAVE - it should be carved into the stone. It is not good sign, if he dominates so much. This is not JAGRTEAM, these are Boston Bruins. It would be not good sign, if win or lost would depend only on Jagrīs finishing abilities. Boston had over 50 points before he came. JAGR MUST BE PUZZLE PIECE. ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT BUT STILL PIECE. IMO Jagr gets so much space in games, because the others clear it. He is big legend but sometimes it is disadvantage. when your playmates are not able to play they best, because they play with man from their posters. (The best Jagrīs teammate was Nylander - little bit but still healthy selfish, great on puck and HE WAS ABLE TO PLAY HIS OWN WITH JAGR AND TELL JAGR OFF BAD PLAY) I hope Bergeron and Marchand will change a lot in team after coming back. The team needs it.
It's all good my man, we are about to add 3 top 6er's in the next week or two. Then Jagr won't have to be the focal point of the offense.

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