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Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
Oh I agree, 60 goals is 60 goals no matter how you slice it. However, in 1982 when Denis Maruk got 60 and Mike Bossy had 64 I think we can assume who goalies feared more. Now, before you ask, I am not saying Stamkos is Maruk. He is obviously better. But that is also just an example of how numbers are part of the equation, not the whole equation. Stamkos is dangerous on the ice and is arguably the most dangerous player out there. But in thinking about Bure's career you worried about him every single second he was out on the ice. He would skate like a tiger to get to a loose puck. He did cherry pick, but that also meant he was even more dangerous because he could snap the puck up behind you at your own blue line.

On a breakaway I don't think Stamkos is feared more than Bure. In fact, I know he isn't. Nothing wrong with that, because Bure was damn near automatic on breakaways, it seemed. I would tend to believe Bure would have a far better shootout record than Stamkos does. Also, we know Bure could dangle with speed as good as anyone, but his shot was also lethal too. Yeah, right now Stamkos has a little ways to go in order for me to say he was a more dangerous goal scorer than Bure.
Except the era matters greatly. 60 goals today, while still impressive, is nowhere near the feat that it was in Bure's time. In fact, the fact that there are so few 60 goal scorers now demonstrates that the level of star players have dropped since 80s-90s, although the overall quality of average players has risen. I agree with everything else you said though.

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