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04-14-2013, 11:56 AM
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Learn from my mistake: do not let a sale price influence fit.

Two years ago when the vapor line dropped in price significantly, I went to HM and was fitted, though given incorrect information. The toe cap in the Vapor line was too narrow, but the guy told me it would expand with breaking in time. The Supreme's felt much better, but went with advice and my desire to get a deal. Those X50sfor the most part were okay, but there were several skate switch discomfort and if I skate for too long, there still are some signs.

Yesterday (Just about two years later) I went to the LHS to check out their selection before driving to HM again as price was not going to be a determining factor (thank you back pay I didn't know I was getting), unless there was a tie. I walked out with Bauer One.9s and cannot wait to skate in them. Wearing them in the store brand new felt just as, if not more, comfortable than my current Vapors.

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