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04-14-2013, 12:51 PM
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Darcy stubbornly built a team around a core group of guys that obviously didn't have what it takes to be successful once they lost their co-captains. He cast his lot with the Vanek contract, when he should have started the rebuild then and there.

As far as I can tell, Darcy has already had his second chance to atone for July 1, 2007. He has had six years to build a winner since that day, two years of that with a blank check, and things only got worse.

Yes, he made some shrewd trades and brought in a lot of talent, but good GMs shouldn't be making lots of trades. They should be signing the awesome players they have developed and acquired to affordable contracts. Or they should be losing trades at the deadline because they are stocking up for a Cup run. Or they should be firing their coaches when the team they assembled isn't playing anywhere near its potential.

You can't say a guy is a good GM because he got high returns on a deadline day fire sale. The trades Darcy made this year were easy - he had assets, and other teams had needs that they were willing to overpay for. It's sad that people are so elated that we traded Pominville, an excellent player and person the organization invested years developing, and one of the few guys truly worth keeping, for draft picks and prospects that may or may not yield anything worthwhile for many years. To me, this trade was just a sign of how pathetic this team has become under Regier.

The bottom line is that Darcy has had many, many years (and now many, many dollars) to build a contender, and here we are six years removed from anything that could be considered a successful season. And frankly, he got lucky with the '05-'07 teams. Nobody thought that roster would do anything special.

It's time for a fresh set of eyes for the franchise.

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