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Originally Posted by MNNumbers View Post
I would like to offer this as a reasonable question to Seattle advocates:

But, first, full disclosure: I believe QC to be the front runner, and that is part of the reason for my question.

However, I do really ask in the spirit of wanting to know how you all think about this:

Let's say PHX has to move this summer. Do you think there is the possibility of a Seattle group purchasing the team, doing whatever needs doing to Key Arena, and getting a staff to support hockey all ready to go before puck drop next fall for the 13-14 season?

Obviously, I am thinking that in the event of a spring '13 move, QC has advantages, because PKP's temp facility is all but ready to go. Ticket sales in QC are already accounted for to some degree, and there is a hockey staff in place ready to run the thing due to the Remparts.

How far behind is Seattle in those areas?

Thanks for helping me get up to speed on Seattle's situation.
Currently there are discussion right now going on with Hansen and Seattle over improvements for Key arena some of those will be for NHL. Key arena will be ready with the improvements cause it has to be ready to host NBA games for the 13-14 season. If QC were really the front runners and it was a guarantee that the team would go to QC then why the wait for the NHL to approve the sale to QC group and relocation?

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