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Originally Posted by AIREAYE View Post
Not necessarily, one part has to do with store availability, like the above poster mentioned, and the other is the fact that a lot of low end sticks and some mid end sticks are not offered in 75/77 flex. I could help you confirm which ones are and aren't if you want; simply list some desired types of sticks and I could check for you.
Don't really have any in mind, but when I looked at a Bauer merch book online a while back, it appeared that only the midrange or higher priced sticks came in 75/77 flex.
I don't have any specific stick in mind, I usually just look for one that a store has that fits my ideal curve in my price range, preferably on sale. I had a sherwood Stastny curve that I loved, so I might look in to the Nexxons...

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