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Originally Posted by wildthing202 View Post
It is. All I could find in 5 minutes.

Highest average - 4,817
Lowest average I *bleep* you not - 218

Got 3 teams in the over 4,000, 2 under 1,000, and the rest(11 teams) hovering in between 2,000 and 3,000.
I'm assuming the lowest average is the LA D-Fenders. They play at the Lakers' practice facility (also the Kings' practice facility), the Toyota Sports Center. Based on the seating chart on their website, it looks like fixed seating capacity is 284 and then there are the Prime Time Tables and VIP seating areas. So 218 is pretty good for a team nobody knew existed. I mean they used to play in the afternoon at Staples Center and the games I don't believe were even open to the public.

I haven't really been following the Houston move, but if Houston is out why go back to an old market? It seems like the AHL is bent on recycling markets. Sometimes they have been successful like in St. John's, but sometimes not so much Omaha jumps to mind. Is there a particular reason the AHL keeps pushing old markets?

At least Sioux Falls has popped up this time, which is a new market for the AHL. Does the AHL keep a hands off approach to the lower level markets? I haven't followed the ECHL Reading Royals in awhile, but that market seems to be prime for an AHL team. The only factor I can see impeding this is that the Royals are partially owned by AEG, the parent company of the Kings, which owns the Manchester Monarchs. Some leagues allow multiple teams to be owned by the same owner (the ECHL does as AEG also owns the Ontario Reign), but I'm guessing that the AHL does not?

Also, if the Wild own most of the Aeros, I'm surprised they haven't thought of moving them to Minnesota? With how popular hockey is in general there, you'd think an AHL would be a hit. Just across the stateline in North Dakota, there is a basically brand new arena in Fargo, the Scheels Arena, that seats 5,000 for hockey. Seems like a market that would do very well for hockey. There currently is a USHL team in Fargo, that the Wild would have to work around but I figure it would be successful.

Plus being the Baby Wild would sell much better in Minnesota (or might as well be Minnesota) than in Iowa or South Dakota I would think. Fargo even has an airport with direct connection to Minneapolis, so callups would be a breeze. It is even a 3 and a half hour drive from Fargo to Minneapolis.

It just seems like the AHL is fixated on certain markets. I've never quite figured out why that is. Also, if many of the Western Conference teams are thinking of moving teams out West, this might be an opportunity for the AHL to start gaining traction in the West. You'd think the AHL would want to start finding markets in Montana, Idaho, Wyoming etc. for the NHL clubs who want to bring their teams West. Seems like a no-brainer for the Wild to help the AHL out by doing this. I'm assuming the Aeros are much like the Marlies in that turning a profit isn't a huge priority and instead it is development.

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