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04-14-2013, 02:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Zenith View Post
What is "his game"? It certainly isn't coasting and not engaging himself in anyway.

Gaborik wasn't putting in the full effort required to be successful, here - maybe it's because he wants to be the #1 focus on the team, maybe it's because he's sick of Tortorella - but, whatever the case may be, it doesn't matter. The whole "Tortorella ran him out of town, poor Gabby" mantra is such BS and so made up I can't believe people buy into it. Gaborik gave up when he decided he didn't want to be here anymore, and frankly, he can get the **** out if he's not going to put in the effort he needs to to be successful.

Whatever success he has in Columbus, he wasn't finding it here, because he didn't want to find it here.

This is coming from an active Torts criticizer.
I don't disagree with you that Gabby had given up, but let me propose a hypothetical situation for you.

Let's say that you are a whiz bang marketer/PR guy, but you really suck at math. You have a 5 year contract with a firm (doesn't matter what type) and you were hired to be in marketing. Your efforts at marketing and PR are for the most part successful, but for the past 3 years your boss tells you that if you don't have the skills or the will to become a CPA, you're a useless POS. Now, maybe you could tolerate that, and if you can, kudos to you, because you are mentally tougher than me. If I were in that situation, my response after 3 years of that would be "**** this guy, I'm done."

Torts is IMHO not a creative problem solver - his asset management is suspect at best. If he can't bang a square peg into a round hole, he throws the peg in the garbage - regardless of whether the peg is made of balsa wood or oak, and honestly, I don't really blame Gaborik for throwing in the towel.

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