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Just added this to first post:

Originally Posted by garret9 View Post
Statistical References and Websites:
Arctic Ice Hockey - Winnipeg Jets blog that commonly dips into advance statistics
Behind The Net - site that draws stats and places it into adv. stats
Nice Time on Ice - another raw data site (but different) like Behind the Net
Hockey Analysis - third raw data site I (and others) commonly use
NHL Numbers - a NHL blog that also leans on advance statistics
Jets Nation - the Jets section of NHL Numbers (emphasis on Robert Cleave's work)

Arctic Ice Hockey was originally an advance statistics blog started up by Winnipegger Gabe (same guy who runs Behind the Net), and so has a lot of information on the advance statistics themselves in our archives. Our editors recently organized all the pre-Jets 2.0 advance stats write ups.
We recently organized all the old writeups on advance statistics and what they mean ->HERE<-
Mostly added this for those with questions or curiosity of the world of underlying number statistics.

I highly advise checking out the link I placed on the bottom of the quote for those who are interested in learning more about stats. Gabe (AKA Hawerchuk) wrote many great articles about frequently asked questions and normal misconceptions.

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