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04-14-2013, 02:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Nuclear SUV View Post
- It isn't a rumor, which is why it will not die (official PR site of group:

- Seattle is a slam dunk sure fire NHL market

- The Coyotes moving there will be a huge success

-the NHL greatly needs a team in the Seattle market. Ignoring the NW for so long has been bad business for the league which has helped keep it well behind other sports leagues in popularity.

The sooner the NHL is in Seattle, the better it is for the sport of hockey.
so, the average ticket price would be in the top ten? and there would be an immediate waiting list to get some of the long sold-out seasons tickets?

i have no doubt that seattle will make a fine home to an nhl team one day. but the potential owners of the nba team are out and proud. if the hockey market is also such a slam dunk, why are investors not similarly leading the public charge right now?

i can only speculate that those who actually have the money to purchase and operate an nhl team in seattle are not as convinced that it is a slam dunk. the city also seems to think its not a slam dunk either, else it would not be offering up a free $80M incentive.

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