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04-14-2013, 02:36 PM
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Originally Posted by poneill27 View Post
UMM...You're the one not making sense. The point of my post is (and anyone with a 6th grade reading comprehension can understand) You don't know who they will draft. I gave a list of examples showing we all didn't know then and don't know now. Is it fun to speculate? Sure it is. Every time we think we know who Homer is going to draft, we have been wrong. Now you may end up being right. They probably won't draft him. But you don't know that.
Fair enough. I fixed my post..

Anyway, I stand by my prediction: the Flyers will not pick a Russian with KHL obligations in the top 5. It would be wildly out of character for the organization.

I won't hazard a guess who they will pick because, as you noted, it tends to be a fruitless exercise. I think that there is less risk of error in speculating as to who the team would not select (based on past drafting patterns) than there is to guessing the pick, but I can understand why you would think its two sides of the same coin.

Let's just let this thread return to its intended purpose, shall we?

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