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Originally Posted by nyr2k2 View Post
Scary thing is, purely on talent there's not that big of a discrepancy between Pelf and Harvey. Pelf could be a dominant pitcher if he actually understood how to pitch and wasn't a nutcase.
I disagree. The fastballs might be comorable, but Pelfrey was never able to develop a major league average breaking ball (the splitter looked like one for half a season, and then the whole league figured out that he couldn't throw it for a strike). I think you can easily hang a 70 on Harvey's slider, maybe a 75 on some nights. Pelfrey never had a weapon close to that. In fact, I think both of Harvey's other two off speed pitches are probably better than anything Pelfrey ever threw, as both are at least MLB average offerings.

I don't think Pelfrey really had problems with pitchability, I'd actually say that he did pretty well for himself with one pitch, but you can't be an effective MLB starter with just a fastball.

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