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Originally Posted by rockinghockey View Post
Fans last year were yellling out to play the kids more and give them a bigger role. This year they wonder why they are not performing like they did last year. The next two years is going to be a huge development time for this team. If this team is going to keep Eberle and Yak then we will have to move out PRV, Gagner and Hemsky. We just players that will play in the muck and get in the goalies face. The hardest part is finding two players to play in the top 6, fill out the bottom 6 with the proper players and get that top pairing dman.

I think it will be easy enough to fill the bottom six but it is the two positions in the top 6 that will be hard to get. Maybe trading our 2014 1st and prospects for Ott and Ehrhoff. Both players are the type of players that we need on this team. I would even be ok with having Ott play as the 2C next year to get that grit in the top 6.
they're already established players who will have been in the league for over 3 years. Eberle and Hall (the kids who have lead the charge) will have had 2, maybe 3 new coaches already in the pro ranks with extended off-seasons playing a variety of different kinds and levels of hockey. Can only develop for so long. They are young but in their early 20's, where star players in the NHL these days typically create some separation between themselves and their peers if they've really been pegged as being/becoming star players and game breakers. The only guys who I'm really worried about in terms of their development are RNH and Yakupov, they're both still young enough where it's an excuse. Especially RNH. Eberle and Hall, it's time for them to sack up and dominate when and if they can, make right plays and mature as players, become the players they were meant to be. Yeah it's early on the in grander scheme of their careers but this is a youth driven league now where we see the majority of teams having success are owning younger cores. The Oilers have had 3 first overall picks in the past 3 years, with Eberle, Schultz, Gagner and MPS to a lesser extent being those good secondary youth support pieces. Tough decisions need to be made.

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