Thread: Confirmed with Link: Sabres sign Chad Ruhwedel, Lowell defenseman
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04-14-2013, 03:09 PM
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Originally Posted by trickster View Post
Gaining the team's trust will be a big step for Ruh, but someone will need to take this kid under their wing.

With about a minute left in the first, his break out pass was easily picked off and it lead to an opportunity for the Flyers...

It will take time.
That was the only bad play I noticed, though I missed some of the game and wasn't always paying great attention. Definitely tried to squeeze in a pass that had little chance of making it through with the calibre of player he tried to get it through. That's the kind of thing that you really have to adjust to regardless of how naturally good you are, the speed of the game. Hell, we've seen many of our veterans do that sort of thing far too often this season.

So in short, I really didn't see anything bad from him as a player, just a couple bad plays. Didn't see anything fantastic either, so one shouldn't get carried away, but the following does seem true:

#1 He's currently good enough for the NHL role he was gifted (in this situation [team sucks, is thin on defense] at least)

#2 Very poised player. I don't recall seeing him rush anything or show that he felt the pressure. The aforementioned bad pass was more a matter of trying to make a pretty play rather than a safe one.

#3 His physical tools seem above-average. Solid skating and his shot could be something at this level. Build seems pretty solid as well.

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