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04-14-2013, 03:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Well actually no one is crazy as there's no indication that Kristo won't be an important player as well. And I do think he will be a key player in the NHL. Now, it's all great to think that Chiasson will also be great....but he won't be a goal a game till the end of his career. Dallas didn't have that much pressure after trading Ryder and Jagr, kid came up and with not a lot of pressure is just lighting out right now. Will indeed be a very good player, but let's not analyse a deal that wasn't made based on what's happening right now. At least not yet.
Absolutely. I still believe Kristo will be very good but I think, in terms of size, we need a guy like Chiasson more than we need a guy like Kristo right now. And if Kristo comes to match Chiasson in production, I'd still take Chiassson over Kristo any day due to his size element.

Either way, whether Kristo was involved or not, the Habs should've been trying to trade for Chiasson last yr when he was still in the NCAA. We could've easily traded a 2nd rounder and a prospect(s) for him.

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