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04-14-2013, 05:15 PM
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Originally Posted by dimi78 View Post
Not that your wrong per say but the issue with Bozak on the first line is when Kessel is having a tough game he doesn't provide much help in these cases and the line gets completely shut down.

I'm really disappointed with Bozak cause I believe he's better than this. So much talk about Grabovski having tunnel vision Bozak suffers the same thing or even worst cause the only player he looks for is Kessel rather he's covered or not and that right there takes away from his effectiveness to produce points. He doesn't look for his other winger almost at all or even the D men in the play or show some gumption to take the puck to the net himself are the 3 main reason why his point production is low.

Every time Bozak these past years has played without Kessel it's like he's a different player the player that I believe there's no reason at all for him to have tunnel vision towards Kessel. He actually shows more confidence with the puck in making things happen showing that there's more to his game when he's not constantly looking for Kessel the moment he touches the puck. If he could bring that game that he has when Kessel isn't on his line to when Kessel is I would have no problem re-signing him long term.
I would say most players who have played with Kessel look for Kessel. He's the go to guy on the line. Do you think Lupul is looking for Bozak? JVR? They're all looking for Kessel. If anything, I wish Bozak would shoot more. This year he has increased it a bit and his points show it.

And Bozak has looked fine when not with Kessel. Obviously not as offensive, but realistically you can expect an offensive letdown when on the third line. He's still solid positionally and plays a 200 foot game. He also battles for the puck.

At the end of the day, the point remains that contrary to Leaf Nation folklore, he is not out of place on that line. He contributes as a top liner should and would easily be worth 4 plus on the open market.

Could he be upgraded? Absolutely. But how many teams have three potential PPG players on the top line, plus one on their second line?

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