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Originally Posted by expatriated_texan View Post
When I look at the roster and start rating individuals who lived up to their role/paycheck he's surprisingly at/around the top.

Folks often look at 4th line guys and say they are easily replaced. I disagree. He's about the best pugilist in the league AND he's actually not bad with 8 minutes or less. I'd like to keep it around 6 but still. I can't think of a single game he lost for the AVs and it seems like his ability to actually take a regular shift has lead to some great hits. He's a gamer. What I do think is that he's made McLeod (as much as I love the Highlander) expendable. They both hustle, they both fight and to be honest Cody has shown he's more of a third line guy in a traditional 2 line team this season. If we want to role three offensive lines Cody should not be on one of them. He's good on a third line that occasionally puts one in but when you want offense from three lines he's not good enough to be there. As he's got another year, I'd start of with him on the roster but would have it a priority to move him next season for a draft pick or as part of a package for prospect.

Until fighting becomes an instant ban, there is always room on a team for a goon. When you've got one that can actually do the job well and contribute with hits and not terrible play for 6 minutes you keep him. Bordy fills that role better better than Cody. Cody can play third line minutes...just not on a team that is paying 6M for their 3rd line C. We need more offense there. I don't think he's going to flirt with 10-15 goals a season again and I think that potential is something you NEED from a winger playing on a team rolling three scoring lines. As big of a fan of the Highlander as I am, Bordy is better at fighting and more intimidating in his minutes played. I'd keep him.

Bottom line is Cody is not a good enough fighter (he's got the heart but is lacking in intimidation) to be the team's enforcer and he's not talented enough to be counted on as a winger rolling three scoring lines. I'd be very okay with him and Bordy both being on the 4th but doubt that will be a long-term solution. I think other teams will give us a pick for one or the other that we can't refuse. I just think Bordy is the better enforcer and with as soft as this team is, I'd rather keep him.
I agree with all of this but, (Maybe it's just me) Bordy's stick handling, and passing ability seems to go unnoticed. He also seems to make quick simple decisions with the puck as well. Every time I watch a game I see him do something once or twice that makes me think "Hey, thugs aren't suppose to be able to do that.".

Bordy is really good at maintaining puck possession along the boards, he seems to be able to skate around with the puck at will sometimes. That could be coached into something useful.

Hes also starting to shoot the puck on occasion as well. Bordy may have a little more potential than we think, he makes a surprising play at least once almost every game.

Any huge guy who can skate and handle the puck as well as he can, could possibly have an impact with more than just 6-8 minutes a night.

I'd like to see him get some fitting offensive opportunities, like being planted in front of the net on the second power-play. You never know. I feel this way about both him and Malone though, and it's a good time to try some of these guys in different roles.

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