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Originally Posted by CobraAcesS View Post
I agree with all of this but, (Maybe it's just me) Bordy's stick handling, and passing ability seems to go unnoticed. He also seems to make quick simple decisions with the puck as well. Every time I watch a game I see him do something once or twice that makes me think "Hey, thugs aren't suppose to be able to do that.".

Bordy is really good at maintaining puck possession along the boards, he seems to be able to skate around with the puck at will sometimes. That could be coached into something useful.

Hes also starting to shoot the puck on occasion as well. Bordy may have a little more potential than we think, he makes a surprising play at least once almost every game.

Any huge guy who can skate and handle the puck as well as he can, could possibly have an impact with more than just 6-8 minutes a night.

I'd like to see him get some fitting offensive opportunities, like being planted in front of the net on the second power-play. You never know. I feel this way about both him and Malone though, and it's a good time to try some of these guys in different roles.
No doubt. I agree...the guy simply makes me think he has more to offer than any other run of the mill thug/pugilist. He's a hockey player!!!! He's much better at hockey than Koci, Worrell, McAllister and dare I say Parker? (He's probably not as tough to fight as Parker but that's splitting hairs...they will both destroy a human.)

I don't want to get ahead of myself though and count on him being more though. I'd just be damned happy for him to continue doing what he does. He provides a spark and sometimes (more often then naught now that folks know how hard he hits) those sparks are coming from plays (checks, little passes and smart moves.) I wouldn't want to throw him into deep water and count on him being able to do that consistently on a third line role (especially since I don't think he's got the ability to pot 10-15 even with ROR feeding him) but I'm as happy as can be if he's cool with the role he currently has and we keep him around to do it. Guys like this are NOT expendable. They don't come around very often. That's why Parros netted us a second. That's why it would be a mistake to trade or let Bordy go. McLeod will fight anything and I honor him for that...but he loses a lot of fights and is not as prolific at dropping them as Lappy was. Lappy should've been kept because it didn't take much to get him to step up and fight for his team-mates. McLeod has required either a huge unspoken no-no to go or just engaged in motivational fights. This teams needs players who can provide adn will provide an immediate response to a wrong. Upon a great occasion Wilson, O'Brien and O'Byrne have done that. When healthy everyone is kinda scared of what Downie can/will do. But Bordy can actually win most every fight he's in. The fact that Duchene, Olver and Svatos have all fought for themselves tells me that no matter how small the player is there is a snapping point (unless their name is Stasnty.) The fact that they had to do so is because we didn't have a deterrent against the cheap stuff and Bordy also provides some nice other stuff when he's not fighting. I'm a fan.

For anyone interested this is why I love Chris Stewart...

Having that kind of presence and immediate response from your team only opens up the creativity of your top players. There's no fear because once word gets out, cheap shots start to dwindle. It would be a lot better if the NHL did away with the instigator all together but dollar's to donuts Sakic and Forsberg felt better with Peppy playing and knowing that Parker was only a shift away.

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