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04-14-2013, 07:18 PM
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Visiting Toronto

So I'm going to be visiting Toronto for the first time on the 24th through the 30th. I'm really excited to be going out East but I'm not too sure what to expect. I'm staying with my cousin in downtown but he's a bit older than me and he's going to be working for a good chunk of my visit so it's going to be mostly me exploring around. I know the main stuff like CN Tower, HHOF, Yonge street, etc. but any specific restaurants or cool areas that you think a university student would find interesting?

I'm also looking for tickets to the Leafs game on the 27th against Montreal. It's a long shot but if anyone has anything reasonably priced shoot me a pm.

Thanks so much guys. Good luck in the playoffs. Kadri's a beast

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