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04-14-2013, 07:19 PM
...better... or not
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I know most do not want to "tank"... but I'm fully on-board with "letting the losses come".

They suck and are mediocre and a few wins at this stage do nothing... they don't deceive anyone into thinking they have suddenly found a way to win and improved their outlook on the future.

Lose... get it over with and pick top 5.

Simply put, picking at #8 gives you fewer options than picking at #7 or at #6 or at #5... the lower you go the more elite names will still be on the board to choose from. Will picking at #5 do some sort of short or long term damage to this team that picking #8 wouldn't have? Nope. They are likely damaged goods already if that's the case as they've lost for years and finished bottom of the heap year after year.

The results of these last 7 games has zero effect on making them a better team going forward. Win or lose, these games are forgotten by next year and hope springs eternal that they improve and have a better season next year.

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