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04-14-2013, 07:25 PM
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Originally Posted by doubledown99 View Post
It's not about stepping in....Jones is good enough to play in the NHL. I'm just coming from the viewpoint that it will likely take him 3 years to be an impact defenseman most likely.

I am coming from the viewpoint that your dmen need to be more mature and experienced than your forwards due the complexity of the position. When I look at how Chicago was constructed their dmen were older and had more experience than their forwards. We don't have that luxury so I'd like them to copy that model through trade.

Yes young dmen can come in and make an impact but its more rare. Doughty did it but he still fights inconsistency. EK took about 3yrs. Pie as well. Heck it even took Pronger several yrs before he became impact player and in fact before his trade to Edm lots of people thought he was to immature to be impact player in playoffs (due to some early flameouts by the Blues and undisciplined penalties from Pronger etc during that time).

Most experts agree that is better to be patient with dmen no matter how talented. Detroit has the philosophy of really seasoning there dmen before they come up.

Again just an opinion and as with all opinions it's up for debate
But why would it matter if it takes him 3 years to be an impact defenseman?

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