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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
Eh, I don't know that it kills anything. It is all speculation as to whether or not he declined to waive his NTC (unless I missed something). And with the exception of Fedotenko who is on a one year deal, the players with NTCs is most certainly not complimentary. Starting goalie, your top four defensemen, Briere who was a much more important part of this team prior to this year, and Hartnell who is on the top line, and also Pronger who would be our #1 defender and captain.

And again, giving these out to guys is a way to entice them to sign here either for cheaper or just over another team they may be considering. Homer isn't just calling people up and offer them. Players want them and usually give something up to get them. I don't know how the negotiations went, but if Briere (other player) said in his negotiations give me a NTC or I am signing for more money with MTL (or other team), what are you going to do, say no and then you miss out on the player you want and who was extremely valuable to this team for the majority of his time here?

The bottom line is, the Flyers are in line in terms of numbers and who they have given the NTCs to and their effect has also been in line with the rest of the league. Tons of guys have these clauses, very rarely do you see it really make a difference. The only guy I remember declining to waive is Kaberle. I remember Heatly being picky of where he was to go I think. Iginla seemed to force the Flames into taking a slightly worse deal. Other than that I don't remember it really hurting anyone else.
Yet pretty much every single NTC that a Flyer has brings the possibility of disaster. Briere has been a mess. It's clear that the team probably wants to walk away at this point, but any trade has been vetoed by Briere. Btw, Bill Clement is supposedly the source that said he used his NMC. I don't really have that big of a problem with a NTC on a contract for a guy if he's in the prime of his career, but most of these NTC's keep guys around until after they start to decline, if not completely past their NHL usefulness. Briere is one example, but Pronger and Hartnell are others. Do you really think Pronger would be a great option for a number one dman at 40+, or that Hartnell will be worth the money he'll be paid at 35 or 36? Both contracts had/have the potential to be huge detriments to the team.

I'm not even going to get into the Bryz debate. Bryz isn't even worth his cap hit now, what's convinces you he'll be worth it at 35-39? The amnesty buyouts are the only saving grace.

Oh and you better hope Coburn turns his game around for next year. That's a big price tag for a guy that looked lost for most of the season. Add in the NTC and that's an immovable piece if he doesn't improve.

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