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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
Briere has been a mess? Because it has been rumored that he was asked to waive and didn't? Even if he has declined to waive, I wouldn't call it a mess. The vast majority of his career here he has been a huge part of this team both on and off the ice.

I think you are missing a large part of what I am saying. I am not saying that I want these players to stick around until the end of their careers and that they will be worth the money when they are older. What I am saying is that these NTCs have had very little affect on the Flyers to this point. There is speculation that Briere declined to waive his NTC. It is certainly possible that that is true, but that doesn't mean the Flyers shouldn't have given him one. He was pretty much the #1 UFA that year. The Flyers desparately needed to add to their team. If he wanted a NTC, he was going to get it anywhere. If you let him walk over a NTC, this team loses out on their best playoff performer over the course of the time since he signed, a hell of a regular season player up until last year, and a pretty good off ice presence as well.

As far as Pronger are going to tell me that a future hall of famer, captain, and #1 defenseman is undeserving of a NTC??? Yes, he was older, all the more reason he would be asking for it (and would get it). I am not sure you understand how a contract negotiation works. Players want NTCs. Teams like them too because it usually cuts down on the money.

Hartnell signed a pretty cap friendly deal for a guy who scored 35+ goals. You are probably right, in six years he won't be as good. But that would be true if he didn't have the NTC as well. There is no guarantee he would get traded regardless of the presence of a NTC. And there is no guarantee he won't get traded because he has one. You seem to have a problem with the length of contracts, not the NTCs.

No arguments with Bryz. I think most people will agree that is a bad contract. The NMC, the length, the money. All bad. The other contracts you have an issue with...couldn't agree less.

Briere: signed him coming off a 95 point season after the worst year in Flyers franchise history. Top UFA on the market. That guy is going to get a NTC anywhere.

Pronger: Hall of fame defender. Captain written all over him. Steps in immediately as the #1 defender on the team. You think if he hit UFA that year he wasn't getting a NTC?

Hartnell: Scores 35+ the year he signs the extension. Played pretty much his entire career in Orange Black. Fan favorite. Showed great chemistry with your best offensive player. Yeah, Homer could have hard-balled him and maybe not given him the NTC, but again, by doing that you risk either paying him more or not paying him at all. It's a trade off.

Coburn has a modified NTC. I highly doubt, even if it were a full NMC, that the Flyers would have trouble dealing him. His play this year has been bad, for sure, but like most things around is being greatly overblown. He is a top 4 defender on a reasonable deal. He's not even 30. When are you planning on giving up on him? Next year? I think they'll be able to trade a 29 year old defender on a reasonable hit with a modified NTC. You could be right though...he might immovable.
I guess you could say this, sort of. I don't really have a problem with the NTC (for the right player), or the long term contracts (once again, for the the right player). But, I do dislike that they do both a lot, and especially for contracts that extend guys past their primes. These are the contracts that can cripple a club's cap space. And it's made worse when the player is a detriment to the team like Briere is now, Hartnell could be by the end of his deal, or Pronger could have been for the last couple of years on his deal. There's already very few teams that would be willing to take on mistake contracts, and those are usually the teams that players would veto in a trade. I just think long term contracts with NTC/NMC's, even limited ones, aren't worth the slight cap hit decrease.

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