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Originally Posted by Celtic Note View Post
It seems like you are saying one thing, yet providing thoughts for another argument.

We have many above average players, so I disagree that we have mediocre talent. Our team is one of the deepest in the entire league.

I do however agree that we lack top end offensive talent. We have no Kane, Toews, or Hossa type catalysts. We have two guys with the raw talent to be those kinds of players, but lack the hockey sense, vision, and consistency to reach those levels (Perron & Stewart). We also have two players with the potential to get close to those levels (Schwartz and Tarasenko), but they are a ways off before we can even determine if they will get close to reaching that potential. Then we have guys who are a cut below those types of players in Backes, Oshie, Steen, and Berglund.
That comment was in response to the Hitchcock criticism. The Blues do not have a systemic issue when it comes to generating offense. They have a talent issue. Armstrong hired Hitchcock because by early 2011 he knew the makeup of the drafted forwards that pre-dated him was never going to be an elite offensive mix. The days of Larry Pleau insisting Berglund was going to be a point per game player had passed. So he rightfully felt a coach like Hitch was the guy who could get the best out of a group of low offensive ceiling but deep and solid enough two-way forwards. There is a reason the Blues are playing the way they are.

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